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Who We Are

Mike Vidan


Mike Vidan is a seasoned business owner, author, and marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience.

Justin Rogers


Justin Rogers is the Co-Founder of QuoteIQ and the industry’s leading expert in social media marketing

Aaron Parker


Aaron is Lean & Mean, the One Truck, Big Profit model has accelerated the success of thousands of contractors globally.

Coty Yarbrough


Coty owns Southeast Softwash, the largest softwash equipment manufacturing company in the world.

Michael Joseph

Business Advisor

With more than 12+ years experience, Michael has been helping service business scale.

Sean Hubbard

Business Advisor

Sean  understands what it takes to build a profitable business. For more than 12 years, Sean owned / operated a Chiropractic business.

"We are on a mission to elevate the industry standard and by providing you with the tools, systems, knowledge and proper guidance is the easiest way to dominate your market while fulfilling our mission."

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